First I read Michael Connelly's books featuring Harry Bosch. Now I'm reading David Housewright's books featuring McKenzie. At times, I nearly get the two characters confused because of their similarities.

Both men have a passion for music—that's what hit me first. Both like their cars, guns, and a good woman. Neither can commit to marriage. Both serve in some capacity of law enforcement, both of them more or less rogue in their approach but successful none the less and therefore pardonable.

Both punch out another cop because of a volatile temper. Both lost one or both parents early in life. While Harry Bosch lives in a house on a mountainside in Los Angeles and McKenzie lives in a large house in Minnesota, both houses are fairly well-to-do with a distinct bachelor atmosphere.

Connelly's first Harry Bosch novels came out in the early 1990's. Housewright's McKenzie novels came out ten years later. Did Housewright draw inspiration from Connelly's Harry Bosch character?

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