I am looking for the original Persian version of the following poems of Rumi. These poems are from "The Essential Rumi" by Coleman Barks. The numbers refer to the Furuzanfar's edition of Kulliyat-e Shams, 8 vols. (Teheran: Amir Kabir Press, I957-1966).

  1. I am so small I can barely be seen.
    How can this great love be inside me?

    Look at your eyes. They are small,
    but they see enormous things.

    (Diwan-e Shams #798)

  2. Only music day and night
    Calm and bright is the melody
    Of the flute. When this melody is wiped out
    So are we.

    (Diwan-e Shams #7)

  3. We have a huge barrel of wine, but no cups.
    That’s fine with us. Every morning
    We glow and in the evening we glow again.
    They say there’s no future for us. They’re right.
    Which is fine with us.
    Real value comes with madness.

    (Diwan-e Shams #1399)


I've just had my Iranian friend here who helped me find this link which lets you download Kulliyat-e Shams in Persian and Arabic. I managed to download it as a PDF easily, but if you have any difficulty please let me know.

What a beautiful book. But I must be content with the English translation! My best wishes to you.

  • @Inaam Nadeem I found the Kulliyat-e-Shams, but you asked a long time ago and perhaps you found it yourself. – Old Brixtonian Jan 17 '20 at 0:52

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