The following excerpts are taken from Kevin Barry's OX Mountain Death Song. There are some expressions that I can't find in any dictionary, and I really want to know what do they mean.

Question 1:

He had soft girlish eyelashes and pig-ignorant shoulders—sex on a stick, was his own opinion, and too many of the foolish girls, the foolish women, shared it. He kept several on the string at any given time but as soon as they got weight on them he left them.

What does "got weight on" here mean? Is it referring to the fact that these women have gotten fatter, or implying that they got pregnant?

Question 2:

He hit him another slap of the phone book. “Lose the fucken face!” he cried. “You’re nothin’ only a fucken knacker off the Ox!” If the regal youth felt pain it did not show. He merely flicked his blond fringe, spat a tooth, and spoke in a voice already deep-down and mannish. “And you’re nothin’ only a fucken swing-key,” he said.

How to understand "spat a tooth" and "Swing-key" here? I was wondering if the young man was hit so hard that one of his teeth got off?

Question 3:

The consultant oncologist at the Regional Hospital went back so far with the Sergeant that they had done the long jump together.

Does the "long jump" here refer to the actual long jump in the PE class?

Question 4:

From a barman in Enniscrone he took first word of the widow—her new-build dormer, outside Easkey village, was the latest known Canavan hide.

How to understand the expression "took first word of"? Does it mean that "he" obtained from the barman some information about the widow for the first time, or that "he" heard from the barman, what the widow used to say for the first time?

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