I am currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo (Wordsworth Classics English translation, complete and unabridged) and have reached page 603/875 = 69%. Around p400 the author introduces us to an important plot element in the form of a love story, at a point when the romance between Maximilian Morrel and Valentine is already well under way. There are some oblique references made to their first meeting, such as

"Ever since we met, have I made any demands upon you" (says Morrel)

"If you had been happy then you would never have noticed a poor soldier like me" (Morrel)

He related everything to the old man, from their first meeting to their present firm decision to wed one another (all quotes paraphrase)

...but having searched quite a bit through the text, I still cannot identify where it is made explicit, within these 603 pages: when and where did Maximilian and Valentine actually first meet?

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