known by name as a fabulously wealthy American girl to Cardinal Vitori and Queen Margherita and more subtle celebrities that one must have had some culture even to have heard of.

I was able to find Queen Margherita - Margherita of Savoy. The same time period as described in the novel.

But for Cardinal Vitori I was only able to google Loreto Vittori, who was an Italian castrato and composer and not a Cardinal and lived far before 1920s.

Was it a fictional character thought up by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

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This Cambridge edition, with explanatory notes by James L W West III and Lynn Setzer specifically notes that although Margherita di Savoia was a real person, Queen of Italy from 1878 to 1900 and Queen Dowager thereafter, Cardinal Vitori was a fictitious character.

This does not completely rule out his character being in some way based on a real person. However James LW West III is

Professor of English, Emeritus, at Pennsylvania State University. He is a biographer, book historian, and scholarly editor.

While Lynn Setzer is a former student he credited with much of the historical research, so the notes seem to be a work of some scholarship.

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