So recently I felt a slight pang of regret for not reading enough of this really interesting book I got from the library at age 9. The plot goes something like this: 1: There is this evil crocodile kisser 2: There are two raccoons living in a DeSoto car 3: Blueberry Pie! 4: Also I know this takes place in a rural area.

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    Is an "evil crocodile kisser" an evil person who kisses crocodiles, an evil crocodile who kisses, or a person who kisses evil crocodiles?
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  • A person who kisses crocodiles. Commented Aug 23, 2019 at 12:00

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True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp by Kathi Appelt

Meet Bingo and J’miah, raccoon brothers on a mission to save Sugar Man Swamp in this rollicking tale and National Book Award Finalist from Newbery Honoree Kathi Appelt.

Raccoon brothers Bingo and J’miah are the newest recruits of the Official Sugar Man Swamp Scouts. The opportunity to serve the Sugar Man—the massive creature who delights in delicious sugar cane and magnanimously rules over the swamp—is an honor, and also a big responsibility, since the rest of the swamp critters rely heavily on the intel of these hardworking Scouts.

Twelve-year-old Chap Brayburn is not a member of any such organization. But he loves the swamp something fierce, and he’ll do anything to help protect it.

And help is surely needed, because world-class alligator wrestler Jaeger Stitch wants to turn Sugar Man swamp into an Alligator World Wrestling Arena and Theme Park, and the troubles don’t end there. There is also a gang of wild feral hogs on the march, headed straight toward them all.

The Scouts are ready. All they have to do is wake up the Sugar Man. Problem is, no one’s been able to wake that fellow up in a decade or four…

It's the first result in Google Books for raccoons DeSoto car, cane sugar pie business is mentioned on the Goodreads reviews. And according to The New York Times review the wrestler's signature move is kissing the defeated reptile on the lips.

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