It's well known that Silverberg wrote novels based on some of Asimov's stories.

For example, The Child of Time was based off of The Ugly Little Boy, and Nightfall was based off the Asimov story of the same name.

How many other (if any) novels/books/other works did Silverberg base off of Asimov stories?


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Three total. Jenkins’ Guide tells about them.

  1. Nightfall (1990 novel) based on “Nightfall” (1941 short story).
  2. The Ugly Little Boy (1992 novel) based on “The Ugly Little Boy” (1958 short story).
  3. The Positronic Man (1993 novel) based on “The Bicentennial Man” (1976 short story)

We know there are only three of these from the Guide's description for The Positronic Man.

This is a fitting final third to Silverberg’s novelizations of Asimov’s stories.

The descriptions of the other two books tells the same.

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