In Stephen King's IT, we are introduced to some particularly evil characters such as Beverley's husband Tom Rogan, Henry Bowers, and most notably Patrick Hockstetter. King delves into this maniacal, heartless, and excessively cruel character toward the end of the book. Despite torturing animals, molesting people, and otherwise horrifying everyone he is around, Hockstetter is captured and murdered by Pennywise the clown. Being that Patrick is a character who is generally unimpressed with terror, I am curious why Pennywise decides to kill him.

We know Pennywise will "use" people to further his agenda, for example, he recruits Henry Bowers to help kill the Losers. Why not use Hockstetter? Hockstetter has killed before, his little brother who he smothered, why not use this individual who clearly enjoys violence and isn't driven by rage like Bowers? There could be a long discussion about the differences between Bowers and Hockstetter, but I believe that can be determined by examining their goals. Bowers hates the Losers, Hockstetter is indifferent to them. I'm curious as to what other people think about these two individuals and why Pennywise might select Bowers over Hockstetter.

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