I read part of a book a number of years (8?) back. It was a romance novel about the CEO of a paint company who marries a Russian (?) Chemist because of passport stuff. Kinda like a reverse of The Proposal. It may have been set in Seattle.

The book was a paperback in Novella length, written in English.

The book was probably relatively new at the time.


It could be Hired Husband by Rebecca Brandewyne.

With eyes as dark as night and a gaze that laid all secrets bare, Nick Valkov was the kind of man any smart woman would avoid. But dire circumstances forced level-headed Caroline Fortune to proposition this compelling stranger…with marriage. Her family's fate rested in Nick's capable hands—and brilliant mind. Yet her proper upbringing hadn't prepared this reluctant bride for her husband's soul-stirring embrace. And neither expected that their practical union would lead them to dark hours of danger…and the ultimate surrender.

From a Goodreads review:

Caroline fortune is the oldest grand-daughter to Kate, who is the matriarch of Fortune companies, including Fortune Cosmetics. When their chief chemist, the Russian Nicholas is threatened by the INS for deportation, Kate and her brothers come up with a pretend marriage plan between Caroline and Nicholas to keep him in the country.


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