As far as I can see, in every single book of the original Hardy Boys series the brothers get kidnapped in chapter 19. From a cursory glance, I can tell that this applies to The Hooded Hawk Mystery, The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, The Yellow Feather Mystery, The Firebird Rocket, The House on the Cliff, and The Secret of Skull Mountain.

For this question, the "classic" series means the fifty-eight hardcover books published from 1972 to 1979, and their companion novel The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook. A book only counts as them not being kidnapped if neither of the brothers was kidnapped.

Are there any books in the classic series that they do not get kidnapped in chapter 19?


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Yes, there are books where they do not get kidnapped in chapter 19.

I have a bunch of them, but not all. If anyone adds another answer with ones I missed, that would be awesome.

  • The Secret Panel (25)

    In this book, they are kidnapped, but not in chapter 19. They are rescued in chapter 19.

  • The Wailing Siren Mystery (30)

    In this book, they nearly get eaten by a wolf in chapter 19, but they are not kidnapped.

  • The Mysterious Caravan (54)

    Just a little rockslide. Nothing to worry about.

  • The Shattered Helmet (52)

    A daring rescue of Chet the mouse!

  • The Sign of the Crooked Arrow (28)

    The helicopter descends...

  • The Short-Wave Mystery (24)

    They lose the canoe, but they aren't kidnapped...

Here's a list of the books that I have, in no particular order, so that you people know what I looked through.

  • The Shattered Helmet

  • The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge

  • The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior

  • The Sign of the Crooked Arrow

  • The Mysterious Caravan

  • The Wailing Siren Mystery

  • The Secret Panel

  • The Twisted Claw

  • Mystery of the Flying Express

  • The Clue in the Embers

  • The Missing Chums

  • The Masked Monkey

  • The Witchmaster's Keys

  • The Mystery of the Chinese Junk

  • The Hooded Hawk Mystery

  • The Firebird Rocket

  • The House on the Cliff

  • The Secret of Skull Mountain

  • The Short-Wave Mystery

  • While the Clock Ticked

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