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'meter' vs. 'rhythm': How do their meanings in poetry differ from those in music?

'meter' and 'rhythm' are termed in poetry and music. So what are their parallels? Their differences?

Source: Listening to Music (2013 7 ed, but ∃ 8 ed) by Yale Prof. Craig Wright:

[p. 463] meter: the gathering of beats into regular groups

[p. 465] rhythm: the organization of time in music, dividing up long spans of time into smaller, more easily comprehended units

Source: An Introduction to Literature (2007 15 ed, but ∃ 16 ed)

[p. 1590] meter
a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. (723–726, 771–775)

[p. 1592:] rhythm
in poetry, a pattern of stressed and unstressed sounds; in prose, some sort of recurrence (for example, of a motif) at approximately identical intervals. (717–718, 725)